Hope for the Holidays Event benefitting the survivors of the Paradise fire

To our fellow friends, family and valued customers:

On 12/15/18 we got to experience the hardships of seeing families and individuals have their belongings and families be taken from them. 

From the moment we found out, I knew I had to use my platform and physically make a difference. My friends, team and family took it upon ourselves to plan out “Hope for the Holidays” a charity event benefiting the survivors of Paradise, CA.

Our event took weeks of tedious and quick planning, from finding our donation locations to finding an auditorium to host our event. With everyone’s hard work and dedication we made it happen.

Our event took place at Oroville Municipal Auditorium just minutes from the Paradise, Camp Fire site. We were able to bring up over $10,000 in goods donated! We also brought up hot meals for over 100 people, basic essentials, toys, games, and our special guests: Myles Parrish and SANTA!

This event couldn’t have happened without your support. Huge shoutout to our amazing volunteers, all of our generous donors including Kaiser Permanente of Oakland & UCSF for their time and kindness.

Finally, a BIG Thank You to the Oroville Hope Center for their support and teaming up with us to make this event possible for the survivors of the camp fire!

Together we were able to make a difference,

XX Shan and team

Pictures: https://bit.ly/2SPWojX





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